Confidence is a state of being, it is an attitude from within yourself that you express towards the world. Many say that confident women is a sexy woman. Why? Sexuality is not the clothes you wear or words you say, it does not get defined by your make up or an orgasm; it is the energy a person exudes... a state of being. Sexuality is expressed in the way we speak, smile, stand, sit, dress, dance, laugh, and cry. Sexual energy is known as the most powerful energy on the planet. It creates and it destroys, it gives you strength, and it can easily weakens you. Explore what does it mean to you to be sexy, and become that. It will empower your every move and behavior. Feeling sexy will increase your confidence.

Embrace your Sexuality

In order to embrace your sexuality and, therefor, your self-confidence, you must embrace the woman that you are within and step into your truth by expressing your desires and preferences freely. When women have the power to decide what to do with their lives, schedules and bodies, it leads to healthy choices, which leads to a balanced life. My ex-husband used to tell me that my gym pants are too tight, my push-up bra is too "pushed-up", my nails are too long, my heels are too high... But instead of embracing myself and what I believe is sexy for me, I would totally give in to his perception of a woman and give my power away. Nothing messed up my confidence more than losing my own perception of sexuality. 

Wake up the Goddess 

I personally believe that from the moment you open your eyes in the morning (or whenever is time for you to get up), your every thought and action, fallowed by choice of clothes are a beautiful opportunity to represent the woman that you really are. Wake up your inner Goddess! What do you need to rise in a magical mood? Some people are excited about sunlight, others prefer a dark quiet room. Be loving on your self with your alarm tunes as well. Does it need to be quiet and soft, or do you desire to hear something saucy, bold and lively. Talk to her, smile to her, meditate with her.. Build a relationship with your inner-sole. It will develop the connection, and create alignment.

Love on your Body

Loving yourself from the beginning of the new day is a powerful tool. Take time with your shower and love on your body with moisturizing soap or body scrub; take care of your skin daily. When it comes to your hair, wash it with quality shampoo and conditioner and do weekly masks.  Brush your hair gently with positive affirmations. Make sure your towels are loving on you softly. Massage your beautiful face with high end products and vitamin C serum for your ever young skin. Body lotion is crucial for healthy glowing skin. Have a good blowdryer to save yourself time and maintain the healthy hair. A straightening and curling iron should always be available for your mood of the day. Treat yourself as a flawless diamond, and your body will thank you back.


Christian Dior once said, "A monen's perfume tells more about her than her handwriting!" How true.. Perfume reflects your individual preferences and personality. Also remember that the reaction to any particular scent can be a deeply unique experience, individual body chemistries can heavily influence how it reacts on the skin. Hormones may also have a say in how any perfume behaves. Give yourself a few days to adapt to the aroma, and make sure it represents the woman that you are. My favorite trick is to allow the bottle of the perfume to pick you. The vessel of the aroma should represent you in some way. Attraction to the bottle will remind you to use it daily.    

Dress Up

Dress up every day as you have a date with Life! Wear your favorite lingerie for yourself to boost your confidence, and don't save it for "special accession". There is no other significant moment than Now, and there is no other person to do it for than yourself. Play with colors and fun fabrics to express yourself. I love velvet, lace and leather; my favorite color of clothing is turquoise; out of accessories I prefer scarfs and shoes. What outfit makes you feel at your best? Wear it more often to embrace that feeling of confidence and vibration of self-love. 

I am not here to tell you how to be, what to do, what to wear - only you can find the answer to what truly serves you. But I am here to bring you to your deepest and highest expectations of yourself and drive you to become the woman you desire to be. I am here to encourage you to face the self-limiting beliefs, yet create action for evolving. 

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