"You are beautiful just the way you are" can absolutely be a true statement if that’s how you feel about yourself when you look in the mirror. But if you are experiencing the opposite feelings, that affirmation will be a waste of breath. Society doesn't create impossible beauty standards, but it sure assist us to hide behind those standards and excuse ourselves from pushing harder in order to evolve into the person we desire to be.
Let’s get real. The problem is not that we are not perfect, but that we are not doing everything we can with our imperfections. Focusing on flaws will makes the law of attraction create more of those feelings; concentrating your attention on improvements will evoke evolution. Observe, realize, and state your perfect imperfections; create an action plan, and move forward to meet your beautiful self. 

1. Become an Observer 
Meet yourself where you are, with what you have, and what you see in the mirror! Invite the mirror image to become your friend. Observe ... yes, observe yourself. Look at the areas that don't bring you excitement without judgment, but simply observe. Acknowledge them and accept them because in reality this is the only thing you can do. To hate on it and resist your reflection will only create more of that; what we resist, persists. But observation can allow the acceptance and therefore a clarification of desire - what exactly would you like to change; what can you change?

2. Realize that You Are Unique 
Fingerprints .. DNA.. we all know that there is no one to be repeated. We are as unique as it gets! It’s simple science! Could you take this thought and alter the way you see yourself in the mirror? Take it slow, start with hair color, palm lines, fingertips, lips, veins, nipples, belly button, hip bones, knees, leg length, toes... Now on top of your physical distinctiveness add your thoughts and beliefs, your experiences, your wisdom. You create an individual self-image with every choice you make, not just in the physical, but in your emotional and mental bodies. You expand your exclusiveness with every breath. You are rare. You are special. You are the only one in seven billion humans!

3. Say It Out Loud 
I will repeat again, you are unique and that’s the only truth. You are what you are. Now, list the things what bothers you and you are not taking actions on. Let’s be honest - we all eat that cookie or that ice cream, we all have that glass of wine or think that negative thought. I am not a nutritionist nor I am a perfect example of what to look like, but one thing I know is that I am honest with myself. If I don’t see the results I desire to see in my mirror, I am aware and honest why it that way. I bring it up to my fitness coach, to my partner, to my friends.. anyone who can support and embrace the change with me. Speak out loud what do you desire to change! It will raise your awareness around your actions and choices. It will also attract people who authentically desire to support you. 

4. Create a Perfect Image 
Find a picture, an image what you desire to look like. I am not saying get an idol, I simply say visualize what it looks like to have a sexy body, peace of mind, healthy hair, emotional intelligence, flawless smile, sense of fulfillment, graceful posture... whatever you desire to improve. After you identify what it would look and feel like, develop an action plan on how to get there. I promise, this is not about chasing the perfection! This is about self-improvement through healthy activities. Create a support system for yourself: nutritionist, fitness trainer, business coach, accountability partner, homeopath, chiropractor, esthetician, dentist, psychologist... Your self-image will continue to evolve as you move forward. 

Don't look for perfection, look for a progress.
Perfection is a process, not the end result; its a journey, not a destination. Embrace the journey of evolution and progress and acknowledge every little bit of improvements. Self-love will rise from doing things you love and taking care of your self. Regardless of the results, knowing that you are making time and investing in yourself will create confidence and sense of fulfillment.
Enjoy the ride!

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