Realize That Love Comes From Within 

To become aware of your inner world is a powerful thing. We can never gain anything from outside, we can only share with others what we hold within. Knowing that, think about love? If there is no self-love, how can we possibly expect it to show up in our reality? I've been chasing a perfect relationship for as long as I can remember. I thought that a man's love will fulfill my emptiness and loneliness. What I was really looking for is a perfect relationship with myself. I desired to love myself and accept myself fully. Working on that with my life coach at the time, I was able to discover and strengthen the love within.

Build A Relationship With Yourself

You are your best friend! Take it as an axiom. Spend more time with yourself. Do what excites you. Explore what interests you. Take care of your body. Fulfill your own needs. By doing so, you are not only building relationship with yourself, but also learning how allow yourself to be you, and others to be them. It creates a tremendous amount of freedom in your world and  helps support self-love. 

Practice Self-Gratitude

Start a gratitude journal today. Acknowledge every achievement through the day, big or small. Pay attention not only to your actions, but to your thinking as well. Be grateful for every beautiful intention your mind holds, and don't judge the poor once. Self-gratitude will help to focus on the positive in your life and develop your self-love. 

Become Your Own Lover 

Ask yourself, what is it that you think your lover will bring into your world, and carefully observe the answer. Is it self-worthiness, self-respect, self-esteem; is it sense of belonging? Understand, that it is not the person you are after. It's that feeling you believe that person will provide or help to create within yourself. Creating and maintaining that feeling will allow you to be your own lover.


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