The world is not about who is right and who is wrong; the world is about people who are confident enough to know their truth and choose it in every moment. The strongest power to pull you in the direction of your desires is your personal truth. The weakest place to be is when you try to be someone you are not. I am familiar with both. We too often blame our programming, we say that society dictates certain rules. I used to say, "It is all because of my husband." Is that true though? By blaming the outer world, we give our power away and allow someone else to dictate the standards. To gain and maintain that power, we must realize and stay congruent with who we really are. 

Know your truth

I believe that our deepest desires always represent our truth. When my clients come to me with the statement that they are lost and don't even know who they are anymore, I invite them to quiet the mind, let go of frustration, and look inside of themselves. I encourage them to remember what brings them joy, what makes them laugh? What was inside of their childhood dreams? How does it feel to be limitless? What decision serve their highest potential? Which person in their world brings authenticity and kindness? What do they desire to experience in life? Be aware that behind any answer is also intention; go deeper and explore that as well. With such dedicated self-reflection, your truth will gladly revel itself. 

Think-Speak-Act your truth

For years I would find myself in the space between my thoughts and my actions - not aligned, incongruent. I would desire one thing, say another, and do something completely different. It created a huge amount of pain within because I was not my authentic self, and I was not congruent with who I am inside. When we develop that inauthentic gap, it becomes a magnet for self-doubt and self-limiting beliefs. Behaviors don't represent our higher selves, but they sure demonstrate our current state of mind. The beautiful part is that through our free will we hold the power to change our thoughts and behaviors. To be in alignment with your truth means to think, speak, and do the same thing. Alignment within is the path to congruent life.  

Be your truth 

When you find no separation between your desires, your reality and your thinking, you will know that you've became your authentic self. Feelings of gratitude for your own presence and for reality you've created will represent the congruency in your world. Allow yourself a divine privilege to be the person you've always desired to be. Express yourself fully and freely. In reality, the only way to influence people is to inspire them through setting an example; live your truth in every moment. We can change the world by creating positive shifts in our consciousness and merge with our highest potential. Be Yourself!

Do you wish to feel more confident and be more in love with who you are?


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