I believe that confidence is not about being perfect, its about being yourself.
Irina Vlada Coaching practice is a support system for BEAUTIFUL & POWERFUL women who have a hard time recognizing this in themselves.

Our coaching will help you to build a healthy self-image and build your confidence level. Our goals to accomplish will include:
- Loving your perfect imperfections in the mirror.
- Being present with your internal communication.
- Clarifying and pursuing your deepest desires.
- Learning the art of self-gratitude.
- Claiming your victories.
- Transforming your "failures" into powerful life experiences.
- Knowing who you are.

When people ask me how I seem to be so happy and satisfied with life, my only answer is that I figured out my relationship with myself, and I am constantly aware of my vibrational relationship to who I really am and what I truly desire. I guide every thought I have to align with the wholeness that I am. I think on purpose, I speak on purpose, and I act on purpose.
But I also know that I was not always that way. My mind still remembers how painful it can be to lose faith in your abilities, how miserable it can be to feel worthless, how much suffering is created from a lack of self-love.

I desire to guide you through these times and empower you to empower yourself.
You deserve to know how fabulous you are.

If you are ready to feel more confident and to be more in love with who you are- Schedule your complimentary coaching session today


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